Cloud spectator recently completed a performance test across five major cloud computing vendors to assess the relative performance for similar infrastructure offerings from Rackspace, HP Cloud, Softlayer, Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure.

On both the performance only and price/performance metrics Windows Azure comes out top.

Running a standardised Unixbench test on Linux VMs to provide a similar baseline across all the providers over the course of five days, the test set out to test what you get for your money from ‘Medium’ instances from each vendor.

Windows Azure’s raw performance score from Unixbench was most consistent on Windows Azure (with coefficient of variance of 0%) compared to performance that dipped below (and above) their averages for Amazon EC2 and Rackspace.

When you factor in price (where Azure and EC2 are the cheapest) the price/performance ratios operate even more in Azure’s favour when compared to the likes of Rackspace.

The whitepaper with detailed results is available here: Cloud Computing Performance A Comparative Analysis of 5 Large Cloud IaaS Vendors

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