We’ve recently had the pleasure of piloting a ‘Man of the Match’ voting system with a client of Sports Marketing experts Sports Revolution.

Martin Copus, Digital Director at Sports Revolution, featured in this month’s Sports Marketing Frontiers publication discussing the growing demand for in-stadia Wi-Fi to support more engaging experiences for fans ‘at the game’.


“Copus believes that mobile-web delivered apps – with their rich content and deeper fan engagement capability – have a clear advantage over SMS.”

“Using our partner ‘Screach’ technology, you see the player and his number on your mobile screen, and when you touch to vote, you see the percentage change so you know your vote has been counted.

“And if fans have signed up for the app through Facebook, their profile picture can be automatically delivered to the big screen at the same time, for their 15 seconds of fame.”


Having piloted a solution for use in-stadia, underpinned by a Windows Azure Cloud-hosted solution the need for reliable, cost-effective and rapid scale-up (and tear-down) infrastructure is clear.

Keep an eye out for more information on how Cloud Computing can be used to service marketing-led applications that have sudden spikes in demand (e.g. during the match), but don’t require investing in infrastructure that’s then lying idle for the rest of the day/week/season.

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2 Responses to Utilising Cloud for Sports Sponsorship at Scale

  1. Scaling on Cloud using Windows successfully manage sessions across multiple instances requires a common data store.

    • Matt says:

      It does indeed. This can be achieved using the Caching Service. This offers a distributed caching service that operates not unlike Memcached.

      You can setup the service to either use a slice of the memory within each of the instances within your web role or provide a dedicated cache-role.

      This allows you to manage sessions across multiple instances – although for true scale (i.e. facebook or twitter levels) we’d recommend trying to avoid sessions unless absolutely unavoidable.

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