Social Retailer Conviviality

launches facebook commerce app with full CRM integration


Conviviality ( manages a network of specialist consultants on behalf of client brands. Consultants organise socials and master classes to enable customers to experience the brands they represent.

Conviviality requires accurate and up-to-date information on the consultants through the recruitment and training process, the bookings they make in the field and a clean, quick and secure way to enable customers that experience the brand to order product on the spot.

Maintaining and developing the customer relationship, their overall experience of Conviviality and the client brands requires attention to detail and great analytical capability.

With the consultants working remotely throughout the United Kingdom, keeping them up to date and efficiently processing the orders they take, fulfilling them and determining their performance rewards is no mean feat.


Conviviality is by its very nature a social business. With Windows Azure we were able to quickly deploy a reliable, scalable application to extend their real-world social experiences into the online Social Media world; providing an engaging Social Commerce mechanism for consultants, and in the future customers, to interact.

We chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011, tailored and configured by IQ, as the hub of our solution – fitting that with customers at the heart of our business, the Customer Relationship Management system should be at the heart of our systems.

With Dynamics CRM managing all customers, consultants, orders and booking activity IQ were able to quickly connect to the powerful APIs and develop our Facebook Sales App, order federation tools and connectors to provide Microsoft PowerPivot Analytics of all of our business activity.


By utilising the Microsoft Cloud Computing, we were able to move from Spreadsheet-driven processes to a secure, integrated platform in only 3 elapsed months.

With the scalability offered by Dynamics CRM Online and the Windows Azure platform, we can confidently plan for growth. Having delivered significant operational efficiency improvements, the team can handle 100x the order volume without significant additional head count.

Speed and Quality of service have been significantly improved. Where the order taking, processing and fulfilment process could take up to 5 days, Conviviality now has the ability to push orders through to the client brand the same business day they’re entered by the consultant.

Using PowerPivot, fed with data from Dynamics CRM Online 2011, Conviviality has an up to the minute picture of the business. Trends, new developments and opportunities can be quickly identified, empowering decisions that drive new business for us and our client brands.