We came across a classic little bug in the SQL Azure migration wizard last week…if you have (for some ungodly reason) a table in your database with an exclamation mark (!) in the name it manages to hang the wizard during the BCP phase where your data is loaded into the newly created SQL Azure database, which in turn makes it very difficult to tell what actually caused the issue.

Having worked our way through the migration of a database with ~250 tables we found the culprit – a table called something along the lines of ‘DELETE_ME!_Old_Table_Name’, a lovely legacy hangover in the user’s database.

Having flagged this issue with the good folks who manage the SQL Azure Migration Wizard over at Codeplex (http://sqlazuremw.codeplex.com) they’ve already developed and released a fix in release 3.8.2.

You can now configure special characters for table names in the app.config file to help navigate your way around this issue. Or you could stick to normal table names, but sometimes in a legacy migration we appreciate that’s just not an option Winking smile

Thanks to George and all the SQL Azure Migration Wizard project folks for the quick turnaround.

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