As the Windows Azure platform and discovered its economies of scale, Microsoft have regularly brought the price of services that we and our customers consume down.

The latest feature to get the treatment is SQL Azure with a price drop of anywhere from 30-86% depending upon exactly how much SQL Azure you use.

Whilst it’s still true that migrating an application to Azure warrants some re-thinking of how you architect and store data (i.e. SQL Azure probably still isn’t the most ideal place to be storing BLOBs of images – that would make more sense in BLOB storage), the reduced pricing for SQL Azure means those applications that are hungry for relational storage and the ability to perform complex queries and aggregations will now be able to do so even more cost effectively.

There’s also a welcome addition for those who only need a little storage space – for a small ASP.NET membership database for example with the addition of a ‘100MB Edition’ for a flat fee of only £3.0275 per month.

The table below outlines the pricing, which is broadly great news for everyone. With the recent release to production of the SQL Azure Federation features, SQL Azure now offers a great value way to deliver truly HUGE databases in the cloud.

Pricing as of February 14, 2012 (as provided by Microsoft – E&OE):

Database Size

Price Per Database Per Month

Cost Savings

Web Edition

Business Edition

Up to 100 MB

Flat £3.0275



Greater than 100 MB to 1 GB

Flat £6.055

Same price


Greater than 1 GB to 10 GB

£6.055 for first GB
£2.422 for each additional GB

48% to 72%

54% to 86%

Greater than 10 GB to 50 GB

£27.8530 for first 10 GB
£1.2110 for each additional GB

Not applicable

75% to 76%

Greater than 50 GB to 150 GB

£76.293 for first 50 GB
£0.6055 for each additional GB

Not applicable

55% to 75%

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