It was great to see our client G-Paws featured on last night’s Gadget Show on Channel 5 –

As planned the auto-scaling features of Windows Azure made simple work of handling over 5x a normal day’s traffic on the site in the space of a few minutes whilst gadget fans checked out G-Paws for themselves when they liked what they saw on the TV.

The ability of a modern web application to handle sudden spikes in demand whilst retaining usability for users is critical to help businesses capitalise on the (often unforeseen) spikes that follow successful PR events such as a tweet by a national treasure or a product being featured on TV.

At a critical moment when you’re experiencing a surge in interest in your product, do you want to risk serving your prospective customers a ‘Service Too Busy’ or worse ‘no response’ to their moment of inspired and impulsive purchase opportunity? If, like our retail and consumer products clients, you don’t then get in touch to see how we can help with Windows Azure.

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