For those of you that used ACS with Visual Studio you’ll have been used to the ‘Add STS Reference’ feature of projects from the right-click on your project in VS2010.

This was one of the features that got moved and jiggled in the move to Visual Studio 2012, but fear-not – it’s not gone and in fact there’s an improved, more fully featured way to configure ACS and Shared-Token-Services….you just have to know where to look.

The new improved solution is available via the Tools…Extensions and Updates menu in VS2012.

Once you’ve opened the Extensions and Updates manager, click ‘Online’ and search for ‘Identity’.


You should see an ‘Identity and Access Tool’ package. Install it and when prompted, restart Visual Studio.

Once restarted, right-clicking on your project should now present you with a context menu containing ‘Identity and access’…


From here you can configure your STS and access control settings, including a test STS function, or simply choose ‘Business STS’ and configure with the details from your ACS settings in the Azure Management portal.


I don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to ACS being managed under the new portal!


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