Exhibiting on the Microsoft Pavilion for the last two days we have seen unprecedented interest, enquiries and even an ‘on the spot’ booking  from customers looking to bring the power of Facebook together with the power of their existing investment in CRM.

We showcased a solution in which a consumer-oriented Facebook App is used for customers to interact with the brand, make purchases and raise customer service requests – all underpinned and directly linked to / fed from Dynamics CRM Online.

The power of CRM is in its ability to get the complete picture of your customer. With social media a growing channel for interaction with your customer, leaving that out of the CRM story is not an option.

Working with us, our customers are delivering self-service applications, f-commerce and other inherently social apps and gaining real power, insight and commercial advantage by connecting them with their CRM.

It was great to see just how many businesses in wide range of sectors see the value of and want us to help them explore it.

Think you CRM solution should include Facebook data? Get in touch: info@iqcloud.net

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