f-Commerce is emerging as a key component of the marketing mix. A powerhouse of opportunity, f-Commerce needs planning to determine how you would like to employ its use effectively.

The immediate drives are for Social Commerce and Facebook Apps / f-Commerce that drives sales (what brand doesn’t want that!), but beyond that there are some huge longer-term benefits to be planned-for, explored and implemented.

f-Commerce gives you an opportunity to reach new audiences, but also to keep in touch with your existing customers in a much more consistent (and cost-effective) way.

Looking beyond the immediate benefits of transactional, order-taking and brand-advocacy aspects of f-Commerce smart brands are looking beyond the barrage of stats to help grow the ultimate sales metric – the lifetime value of a customer (CLV / Customer Lifetime Value).

By applying Social Commerce effectively, you can help to boost purchase frequency, share-of-wallet and the length of your brand’s relationship with the customer. Applying the intelligence you gather about your customers through f-Commerce to augment your traditional CRM and Loyalty programmes you can intelligently build offers, rewards and incentives to increase your CLV.

If you’re interested in some quick to implement and cost-effective Social Commerce tools, take a look at one of our client’s latest developments:

Flaunt It - Social Commerce

Thanks to Social Commerce Today for inspiring this post with news of the O2 Facebook Store!

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