Get your idea off to the right start

and ready to grow with advisory, prototyping and development services from IQ

Our start-up services help new start-ups get their idea off the ground and existing start-ups to shape up the technology that underpins their business ready to scale-up.

With packages of services to help your start-up on the journey from initial idea, through prototyping, developing and growth we can help you get the very best technological foundations laid early to help you to:

  • Accelerate the development of your idea
  • Reduce the risk through detailed planning
  • Access a package of benefits, including £000′s of free resources from Micrsoft through the BizSpark programme
  • Develop early deliverables to use in early sales & investment market conversations
  • Arm yourself for the tough questions investors will ask about the technology behind your great idea

IQ’s experience in working with ‘self-funded’ and ‘seed funded’ start-ups to help them shape their idea into a viable, demonstrable proposition and to help them go on to bring the solution to market is tried and tested, with our clients like DrillBoard™ winning awards. Take a look at the video case study below.

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The Prep Pack

The Prep Pack

Package of services for early-stage start-ups, designed to help you refine your idea, iron out any kinks and look at feasibility.

The key deliverable is a 'sales presenter' outlining your idea to use in soliciting customer feedback and in presenting to potential investors.

The package includes:

  • - Advisory services
  • - A design workshop
  • - Refinement of your idea
  • - Sales & investment presenter

Before you get too far down the road, this programme can help you sanity check your idea, refine it and shape up how it would be delivered from a technical perspective (how feasible it is and technical hurdles to look out for!) and arms you with a 'Sales & Investment Presenter' to take you to the next stage.

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The Demo Pack

Our demo pack includes the core services of the 'Prep Pack', but helps you develop your idea further.

In addition to the advisory, refinement and feasibility services we work with you through a more in-depth workshop process looking at viable commercial monetisation models (Free, Freemium, Premium, SaaS or custom app etc) appropriate to your idea and the markets you're looking to launch in.

We also work with you to develop a demo of your application, App or service - a development of the concept in visual terms to allow you to share your vision with others, land early customer deals and get investors on-board by showing them examples of what the finished product might look like and how it might work.

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The Prototype Pack

Ready to get your hands dirty?

Our Prototype Pack is designed for investors who are ready to get moving. They're confident in their idea and are ready to invest in getting a working prototype designed and built.

This pack builds upon the Prep and Demo pack service offerings, including the development of a working prototype of your app. Depending upon the complexity of the solution this may be a fully-fledged 'beta-ready' app that you can sell to initial customers to garner feedback before building out the finished product; or it may be a functional prototype of the core proposition of your idea for use with a limited audience before a significant investment round.

Either way, working with IQ to help you prototype your idea will provide you with solid foundations upon which you can plan and build your business.

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A Cloud Success Story

Start-up DrillBoard engaged IQ to help them rapidly bring their idea to fruition, from first-customer to award winning app