Bring people, processes and data together

to gain deeper insight, connect with your customers and measure your success

Great marketing demands clear, measurable results and that requires data – or more importantly insight that can be gained from data.

In today’s complex and diverse world there’s data being generated everywhere, but capturing it all, bringing it all together and presenting it to decision makers in a clean, simple and insightful format is more challenging than ever.

Utilising the flexibility, scalability and connectivity of cloud computing we can help you capture, integrate and analyse data sourced throughout your customer’s journey and present it in intuitive, access-anywhere, real-time form to enable you to fine-tune and drive value from your marketing investment.

Take a look at some examples of the solutions we deliver and the case study below orĀ Contact Us to discuss your objectives and see how we can help.

Mobile App Development

Looking to extend your offering to customers via an App?

We can help you design and develop mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone & BlackBerry that engage your customers and securely integrate with your core systems.

Do you want to:

  • - Enable customers to order via the app?
  • - Track customer's in-app activity in your CRM system?
  • - Manage the content of your app via an online CMS / Portal?
  • - Empower customers to interact with big screens at your outlets via the app?

We can help you deliver fully-integrated mobile apps that engage your customer, increase your insight into their behaviour and allow you to sell directly to the customer whenever and wherever they are.

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CRM Integration

CRM is about delivering a 360-degree view of the customer, but with social media, mobile apps websites and e-commerce so much of your interaction with the customer can be missed by the CRM system.

We offer systems integration services to help you integrate the loosely coupled conversations that are going on outside the business and connect them with your view of the customer through CRM.

Whether you're looking to enter the CRM arena for the first time or are established CRM veterans looking to ensure the social conversations with your customers are also brought into the CRM system's remit - we can help

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Location Intelligence - Mapping Data

Raw data with a geographical elements is easiest to interpret when overlaid on a map.

Mapping data and overlaying it can make insights leap out at you, helping you identify patterns that are otherwise buried in page after page of Excel Spreadsheet.

Working with your existing data sources, we can help bring data together and overlay it on maps including:

  • - Heatmaps
  • - Animated time-sequences
  • - Point aggregation
  • - Distance-based relationship analysis

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Socially-integrated CRM

360-degree view of the customer, powered by the cloud

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