Cloud integrated storage, setup in minutes

Primary storage, archiving, data protection and disaster recovery in a single solution that delivers up to 80% savings

StorSimple delivers primary storage, archiving, data protection and disaster recovery in a single solution. StorSimple integrates the cloud into existing enterprise applications in ten minutes, with no change to the application or the stack, and with up to 80% savings.

  • Local performance
    Applications get local SSD performance with the elasticity of the cloud through automatic tiering with ‘Cloud as a Tier’ (CaaT) functionality and hot-swap, fully redundant disk controllers on-premise
  • On-premise security in the cloud
    All content stored in the cloud is de-duplicated and military-grade encrypted BEFORE upload to the cloud with the keys remaining on-premise for increased security
  • DR with geo-replicated storage
    DR is as simple as mounting a volume, making it simple to test DR regularly from multiple locations eliminating the need for expensive and complex tape backup software and procedures

Certified for Windows Server 2008 and VMWare Ready StorSimple has also been recognised by Storage Magazine as ‘Product of the Year’ in the Storage Systems category.

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