Secure, scalable and reliable services

to host, migrate, connect and maintain the infrastructure that underpins your business' success

The IT department lives in a ‘double busy’ world:

  • Busy trying to do more to meet ever-increasing demands from the business
  • Busy trying to reduce costs

These two competing demands require innovation, flexible ways to deliver services and the ability to think differently.

Utilising cloud computing services can help you realise economies of scale for commodity services that you can efficiently outsource to experts, such as Windows Azure, enabling you to focus on the value-add you bring to the business.

Combined with non-capex ‘pay for what you use’ commercial models that help you keep operating costs aligned with the services you deliver to help you maximise your budget Windows Azure has a lot to offer the IT Director.

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Custom Development<br/>& Consulting

Custom Development
& Consulting

IQ offers a range of consulting and custom development services to help you design & build new applications for the cloud and migrate existing applications where appropriate.

Our extensive experience in both Software Development and Windows Azure enable us to help you quickly navigate the challenges you face, reducing risk by getting it right first time and accelerating your journey to the cloud.

Whether you're looking for Line-of-Business Application Development, Business Intelligence Consulting or advice and planning services for migrating existing applications to the cloud our UK-based team can work closely with you, helping get there quickly and cost-effectively.

Database Migration

Consolidating databases and providing reliable database services to bring departmental applications and bring 'Access and Excel Hell' under control is a perennial IT challenge.

By providing core functionality of SQL Server in the cloud, Windows Azure SQL Database enables you to quickly and cost-effectively build and migrate databases to a secure, clustered service on Windows Azure.

Combined with powerful Data Sync functionality to enable you to keep databases hosted globally on Azure in sync AND keep them in-sync with on-premise SQL Servers you have a powerful data platform to meet the businesses demands quickly, cost-effectively and under ITs control and governance.

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Infrastructure Migration<br/>VM Hosting

Hosting your Windows & Linux VMs in the cloud just got easier.

With Azure's 'Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)' offering you can 'lift and shift' existing VMs to run on Azure. Even better, you can bring the VM back on-premise.

In addition to hosting the VMs, you can quickly and easily integrate them with your on-premise network by configuring a simple 'Virtual Network', keeping your VMs isolated in the cloud while joining them to your corporate network by VPN.

These powerful, yet simple to administer Azure features allow you to host VMs in the cloud, joined to your on-premise network and seamlessly move them between the two allowing you to 'burst to the cloud'.

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Storage & Archiving

Windows Azure Storage provides secure, reliable storage in global data centres operated by Microsoft.

With all data in each data centre written to three locations and with a 'tick to enable' geo-replication to a secondary data centre in the same geography you can confidently store and archive mission-critical data incredibly cost-effectively.

Combined with storage solutions from the likes of StorSimple, CommVault & STEALTH you can provision on-premise devices that seamlessly archive and move infrequently accessed encrypted data to the cloud whilst keeping 'hot data' in a local, high-speed SAN.

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Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning and implementation are becoming ever more critical as the systems you look after become increasingly important to your business.

Utilising Windows Azure's services you can quickly and effectively configure your on-site services to failover to Windows Azure hosted equivalents in the event of failure and/or utilise 'on-premise to Azure storage' solutions to manage data-tiering and off-site live archives, backups and cloud snapshots for File shares, SharePoint, Archives & VMs.

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Web Hosting

Hosting scalable web applications is a core IT function. Doing so in an environment of variable demand, incorporating geo-replication, failover and 'no downtime deployments' are all common challenges.

Windows Azure enables you to meet all of the above objectives quickly and cost effectively with both Azure Websites for simpler sites and Cloud Services for more complex technical architectures.

As us about hosting your next web application or migrating existing sites to Windows Azure.

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Cloud Storage Intro Video

How cloud storage can help address capacity, growth, archive, backup & DR challenges for the modern enterprise.