Cloud for Business

Businesses deploying applications and services in the cloud have increased productivity & business agilty whilst reducing CAPEX spend on hardware & software.

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Cloud for Marketing

Cloud Computing enables you to quickly build and deploy tactical and strategic apps, campaigns and products that can scale up to meet your objectives.

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Cloud for IT

Cloud Computing lets you deliver services more rapidly and adapt to changing business demands. You only pay for what you use, getting more from your budget.

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The techno-babble:

“An approach to computing that’s about Internet scale and connecting to a variety of devices and endpoints.”

[Yeah, we're with you, that's a bit vague and woolly right?]

The hype:

Almost anything to do with IT that a sales guy can stick a label on and call it ‘cloud’.

[Yep, still not doing it for us either]

Our thinking, in plain-English

Cloud computing is about delivering self-service computing, on-demand, managed on your behalf, in a way that scales up (and down) to meet your needs and where you only pay for the resources you need.

At it’s heart the core services or ‘things you do with the computing’ remain largely technically unchanged from things you’ve bought to run your business before, but the advances in cloud computing technology allow you to buy those services in a whole new way -┬áchanging the commercial aspects of delivery, opening new ways to deliver on a global scale and to do so with minimal capital expenditure whilst benefiting from huge economies of scale.

Cloud computing allows us to help you bring your ideas to life more quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to focus on what’s special about your business, whilst experts take care of the ‘plumbing’.

Find out how it applies to you

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